Lost Artifacts: Soulstone Collector’s Edition

The terracotta army must end.

Following the Soulstone's theft at sale in the national museum, Claire and her devoted assistants saw the terracotta army and its Emperor come to life. Our heroes have other ambitions than the Emperor, who wants to awaken a dragon from a volcano crater in order to take over the entire planet. Explore a nation teeming with myths and stories in the thrilling casual strategy game Lost Artifacts: Soulstone. A fascinating environment, with more than 40 levels, a colorful plot, easy and engaging gameplay, and a variety of objectives await you right now! Restore monuments, construct magnificent structures, conquer obstacles, and manage resources. You'll have no trouble learning the fundamentals of the game thanks to its straightforward controls and simple tutorial. Stop the terracotta army!





- A world filled with myths and fairy tales where you can find power on your travels from ancient monkey statues and dragon springs.
- A lively plot, vibrant comics, and endearing characters!
- A wide variety of quests that you have never seen before.
- More than 40 distinct levels. The Terracotta Army, archers, snakes, and stone lions are among the foes who pose a threat.
- Four distinct settings: a snow-capped mountain range, an expansive desert, a forested area, and a deserted city.
- Useful extras: work more quickly, halt time, run quickly.
- Easy-to-use controls and a comprehensive tutorial.
- More than 20 hours of thrilling gameplay suitable for all age groups.
- Entertaining theme music.
- Special Bonuses for the Collector's Edition.

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