Lost Artifacts: Mysterious Book Collector’s Edition

Savor an amazing journey within the realm of the Mysterious Book!

The team of experienced treasure hunters is off to meet adventure again! The archaeologist Claire finds an extraordinary book with a peculiar puzzle lock studded with priceless stones while conducting a normal inventory of the museum. The girl tried to open the book but couldn't, so she pressed a strange button in her heart and all the stones fell out at once! The book pulled Claire and her team into the world of the enormous trees that swiftly grew out of the museum room surrounding her. Will the courageous treasure hunter be able to get the stolen stones back and go home? Accompany Claire on a valiant journey to satisfy her need for exploration and help her find every stone! Take a thrilling trip through the world of The Mysterious Book! You're in for a treat with colorful cartoons, endearing characters, and humorous conversation! Find the hidden things in each level to amass the whole collection of antiquated antiques! Finish each of the forty thrilling stages. Discover the wonders of four distinct locations: the Rustic Forest, the Weightless Oasis, the Northern Islands, and the Plamegor Volcano! Enjoy over six hours of gaming.
Complete a wide range of tasks, from constructing structures to facing cunning adversaries!

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