Lost Artifacts: Golden Island Collector’s Edition

Take down the enemy and restore Atlantis!

Once more, Claire and her group are in danger. Their aircraft crashed on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean after it flew into a horrific storm. Our heroes awoke and set off to get assistance. Following some wandering, Claire came across a village of Atlanteans and made the offer to assist them in returning to their homeland and to exact revenge on the evil ruler of the underwater world.





- Take pleasure in the game music and concept art that are available in this Collector's Edition
- A joyful story, vibrant comics, and lively characters!
- An abundance of diverse buildings unlike anything you've ever seen
- More than 40 distinct levels and 4 unique locations: a bright beach, a shadowy abyss, a dense jungle, and the stunning Atlantis
- Dangerous enemies: stone warriors, octopi, and wild boars
- Helpful bonuses: accelerate work, stop time, run quickly

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Release Date
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200 MB

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