Lost Artifacts – Frozen Queen Collector’s Edition

Prevent a new Ice Age from ending the globe!
The Frozen Queen Collector's Edition of Lost Artifacts

An archeological dig has the potential of becoming tragic! Claire and her companions discovered a grotto where the Frozen Queen was sleeping strangely during their explorations. The girl awoke when the magic was broken and they located her. She decided to locate her riches and freeze the entire planet since she believed the archaeologists had stolen from her. First, Claire and her friends need to locate the relics. With this thrilling casual Lost Treasures strategy game, you may embark on an amazing journey throughout many countries that are home to intriguing treasures and historic monuments. You're in for a real treat with a ton of different tasks, more than 40 levels, an engrossing plot, easy and fun gameplay, and an amazing setting! Treasure hunt, historical monument restoration, enigmatic relic discovery, battling the Queen's guards, surmounting obstacles, and resource management are all possible. You'll have no trouble picking up the fundamentals of the game thanks to its straightforward controls and simple tutorial. Relics in the Lost: Prevent a global disaster! Totems, statues, and castles are among the many amazing creatures and historical sites that await you as you unravel the mysteries of the past in this world full of wonders.





- A happy plot, vibrant illustrations, and endearing characters! Several unique quests that you have never seen before.

- More than forty thrilling levels.

- Dangerous adversaries include crocodiles, enormous scorpions, cold warriors, and raptors.

- The Snowy Forest, Misty Plains, Southern Islands, and Burning Sands are four distinct locales.

- Helpful Bonuses include: accelerating excavations, clearing barriers, gathering resources automatically, and increasing your running and working speed.

- Easy controls and a useful guide.

- More than 20 hours of thrilling gameplay suitable for all ages.

- Harmonious theme music. A variety of enigmatic and magical artifacts.

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