Legendary Mosaics 3: Eagle Owl Saves the World

Help Eagle Owl Alchemist repel monsters from the Enchanted Forest!

The Dwarf was going to enjoy another pleasant day in the Enchanted Forest when a strange bird appeared close to his mine. It was Eagle Owl Alchemist who had brought some upsetting news. The entire Forest is in serious danger since the Great and Terrible Cat fell into a pit! In the Enchanted Forest, mysterious gateways to other dimensions progressively expand and occur at random! Reports of horrific tentacles and malevolent eyes looking out from between the splits have been made by witnesses. To fix the issue, Eagle Owl, Dwarf, Terrible Cat, and their buddies decide to use alchemical science! What dangers and bewildering riddles would they face along the way? Which amazing locations will they get to see? Join this hilarious squad that needs a smart Human to help them a lot and a sharp intellect! Save the Enchanted Forest by putting an end to the monster invasion!





- Play in both day and night settings.

- Alter the tiles' and background's appearance as you choose.

- Choose from 12 distinct tile styles and 12 backdrop patterns.
- Festive graphics, animation, and music to immerse yourself in the world of fairy tales
- Four difficulty levels, ranging from easy, single-color playing to challenging, multi-color (up to six color) switching and smart Zen mode. - One hundred color-coded nonograms plus an additional forty nonograms.
- Mystery semi-abstract holiday photos to be revealed at every turn
- A ton of joy and a lot of beauty

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