Knight Solitaire 3

Take down a dragon, win a competition...
What additional good deed ought a knight to do?

Who will free the stunning princess from the dark tower prison? A white-horse-riding prince? No, To gain entry to the enchanted doors of the castle, simply finish all 120 levels in the recently released Knight Solitaire 3! To win the title of Royal Tournament Champion, you had to compete against the greatest knights in the realm. You defeated the old dragon that served as the castle's formidable guard. The third instalment of the game offers you an equally thrilling adventure: setting a princess free.





- Interesting gameplay
- create card chains
- Acquire and utilize various bonuses, perform combos, and earn extra rewards!
- Switch up the difficulty level and finish all 120 levels twice!
- We provide exclusive awards and accomplishments for brave gamers.

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35 MB

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