King’s Heir: Rise to the Throne Collector’s Edition

Bring the Ulmer family's honor back!
The Collector's Edition of King's Heir: Rise to the Throne.

A long time ago, the prince of Griffinvale married a poor girl against his father's wishes after falling in love with her. Unable to come to terms with the unworkable marriage, the monarch banished his young bride from the castle while his son went on a crusade. The king had assumed that the prince would soon forget about her, but his intentions were derailed when the prince's cherished wife gave birth to a child and passed away while being confined. His heir also perished in combat. The monarch fell into deep sadness following the loss of his son, casting doubt on the future of the royal dynasty. Many loyal to the slain prince chose to conceal his descendant because the royal court was rife with schemes and ambitions. Try to locate the missing heir and assist him in taking back the Griffinvale throne as the royal knight Edmund Ulmer! 38 enigmatic locales in Griffinvale are among the features that can be explored. Find the crown by solving 30 minigames and puzzles! Discover ten individuals from the royal court! Locate forty collectibles and obtain eighteen achievements! Go on with the "Act of Deceit" additional adventure!

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