Katy & Bob – Safari Cafe Collector’s Edition

Safari cafes are up next!

After returning from their adventures, Katy and Bob made amends with their father and began to contribute to society. However, a letter from their island friends arrived at the family mansion one lovely morning. It included a proposal to launch a chain of cafes at the nearby safari park. Following some consideration, the contented family immediately departed for the island in hopes of striking it rich. Get ready for vibrant settings, thrilling stages, entertaining characters, extra challenges on each level, a team that can be upgraded, many trophy categories, easy gameplay suitable for players of all ages, a soothing soundtrack, and an engrossing story!





- 60 thrilling levels spread over three vibrant locations
- More than ten entertaining characters
- Bonus tasks on every level
- Upgradeable team
- Tons of trophies!

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315 MB

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