Katy & Bob: Cake Cafe Collector’s Edition

Let's open a wedding bakery, Bob and Katie!

John and Katie are getting ready for their nuptials, but! No way! On the island, there's no place to get a wedding cake ordered! Our heroes can address this issue and, while they're at it, turn a wedding idea into a profitable company by working with Bob to bake cakes for various events! This game has everything: vibrant settings, thrilling levels, cheerful characters, bonus buildings on every level, team-up upgrades, customizable trophies, easy gameplay for players of all ages, a soothing soundtrack, and an engaging story. Let's open a wedding bakery, Bob and Katie!





- Three lovely settings
- 60 thrilling levels
- More than ten cheerful characters
- Bonus buildings on each level
- The capacity to improve your team
- Easy gameplay for players of all ages
- Mood music

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