Hungry Invaders

Hungry Invaders: Grow, cook, and hurl food towards the beasts to defeat them!

To defeat the monsters, grow, cook, and hurl the food towards them. Invest in better gear to conquer addictive levels even more quickly! Explore various locales with distinctive difficulties as you journey around the globe over hundreds of entertaining levels. Meet a variety of intruders: from fire-breathing dragons to ghosts who avoid taking pictures, your actions (and your recipes) will determine the fate of the entire planet.





- Take on hundreds of captivating levels situated in different parts of the globe, each providing a distinct experience and recipes to become an expert at!

- Expand your weaponry with numerous special upgrades to repel the incursion of ravenous monsters!

- Make use of the notorious Apocagrinder, strong fans, ginger biscuits, and other insanely entertaining boosters.

- Meet an incredible array of ravenous monsters, ranging from walking mushrooms and dragons to ghosts and screamers resembling cats.

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