Building the Great Wall of China 2 Collector’s Edition

Take on a heroic mission in this captivating time-management game.

Play this exciting and fast-paced time-management game to go on an epic adventure to construct the Great Wall of China, the greatest construction in human history. Kong Boatu has the task of stopping the nomads' latest invasion. Take on the challenge of constructing the Great Wall of China in 40 thrilling levels spread over 4 distinct regions. You will go to sun-baked deserts and other enigmatic locations in addition to golden meadows and snow-capped mountain cliffs. Build the largest building in human history, the Great Wall of China, to complete the epic tale of Emperor Kong Boatu and leave your mark on history!





- Beautiful backgrounds and bonus game mode
-Four locations with forty thrilling levels
-A ton of extras, mini-games, and new plot videos
-A fast-paced, engrossing time management game
-A ton of new bonuses and power-ups

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270 MB

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