Building the Great Wall of China Collector’s Edition

Find your true love, save the Empire, and construct the Great Wall of China!

The wealth and prosperity of the Chinese Empire are in severe jeopardy due to the threat posed by the Nomads from the North. The astute and industrious Kong Baotu takes on the challenge of doing the impossibly difficult. He pledges to construct the Great Wall, which will encircle China and keep the barbarians at bay for thousands of miles. In exchange, he requests approval to wed Fan Tanrui, the gorgeous daughter of the Emperor. Come along on Kong's incredible journey as he marries Fan and works to save the Empire. You will travel across perilous steep cliffs and emerald-green hills to reach the furthest regions of China. You will traverse the wilting deserts and scale the snow-capped mountain summits in more than 40 levels. Building boats and elevators will enable you to access even the most distant areas of the Empire. To finish the Great Wall of China, the greatest construction project in human history, you will gather food and lumber, mine stone and iron, and weather hurricanes and thunderstorms. Numerous hazards will impede your path. You will engage in combat with the natural elements and formidable creatures from mythology, the fire-breathing dragons. Will there be a Great Chinese Empire? Can Kong and Fan ever be in the same place? Now it's your turn! In this thrilling time management game, take control of your destiny and finish the Great Wall of China, the largest building project in history.





- 40 levels in 4 distinct locations
- Many upgradable structures
- Dynamic and fast-paced game play
- Exciting mini-games

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210 MB

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