Holiday Solitaire Easter

What is inside the Easter Bunny's basket?
The brand-new Solitaire Easter!

Clear the table of golden card pairings to advance through stages and open new areas. Unable to win a solitaire deal the first time around? Not a challenge! Re-shuffle the remaining cards into the deck to finish it on your second attempt! The total amount of golden cards in each try will be reflected in the final score! Boost your score by gathering cards more quickly. A unique multiplier will enable you to gain more coins. In the store, use coins to purchase bonuses like jokers, shuffles, and mulligans. They'll assist you in getting the greatest score possible on all 120 patience levels! Select your level of difficulty and play as comfortably as possible. Savor stunning paintings and scrapbooking art, over ten hours of gameplay, top-notch graphics, and calming, pleasant music. Cheers to Easter!





-Apply various bonuses, such as joker, shuffle, and mulligan.

-Acquire gold cards to finish the level and open the next location.

-120 levels, 12 locations, and multiple difficulty settings

-Excellent color graphics, unique themed decks, and nine card backs

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