Holiday Mosaics Christmas Puzzles

This is not your typical holiday jigsaw puzzle game!

Every mosaic puzzle is created with eye-catching images.The mosaics are divided into fragments of different sizes and forms. Since the puzzle pieces are created at random, every new puzzle is unique from the previous one. Solve puzzles within the allotted time, get keys, and open new areas. There are multiple stages with varying degrees of difficulty in store for you. There's more than one way to play.Speed mosaics: work quickly to put the image together as quickly as you can; logical mosaics; puzzles that require a lot of pieces and a set amount of time to assemble; Easy mosaics are a good way to get a head start on more difficult puzzles. The real difficulty is found in hardcore puzzles with a lot of missing parts and a time constraint.The text is bold.Characteristics:Solve 120 different types of mosaic puzzles.- Holiday-themed gameplay; - Unique objectives and trophies; - Engaging gameplay for players of all ages;

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