Hiddenverse – Ominous Opus

Discover the reason behind a friend's untimely demise in Hiddenverse - Ominous Opus with Avenlee's assistance.

Young author Avenlee Courtwald receives an invitation to visit Dawnford, a quiet little village, from her best friend Emet St.Riser. But when Avenlee gets there, she discovers her companion buried in the city's sewers beneath the debris. It doesn't take long to uncover the horrible accident as a set-up murder. You can never trust anyone in the city, and only you will know if you'll be lucky enough to solve the mystery behind Emet's death.





- An exciting hidden object, puzzle, and match-3 detective story set in an enigmatic Victorian town.

- 200+ game stages. Interesting games involving pair finding.

- More than twenty distinct game features.

- 500 distinct gaming tools.

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