Halloween Riddles – Mysterious Griddlers

Halloween-themed Japanese crosswords: 120 new puzzles!

Halloween Riddles: Mysterious Griddlers is a cheerful Halloween-themed logic game! Monsters, witches, Jack-o'-lanterns, scary tales, and 120 brand-new, original nonograms A perfect way to unwind after a demanding day! Isn't it what a serious fan of puzzles wants? Six different places with 120 different nonogram puzzles. Explore a nation of joyful nightmares while enjoying soothing music and exquisite, high-quality visuals. enhanced and new controls! You won't need to rely on guesswork once more because the gameplay is entirely based on logic! Better, more understandable tutorial: select a degree of difficulty according to your playing ability. Just finish the training that you truly require. Reach your full intellectual capacity! Experience a joyful Halloween ambience while playing the popular Griddlers game!





-Enhanced instruction and comfortable controls In six fresh places!

- There are 120 distinct griddlers with a Halloween theme!

- The gameplay is entirely based on logic and doesn't require guesswork!

- Particular duties and benefits

- More than fifteen exquisite trophies!

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