Griddlers – Ted and P.E.T.

Into the past we go!
Gr-r-r-riddlers from the prehistoric era!

Explore the past with daring time travelers! Ted, the tireless and attractive scientist, and his astute robot P.E.T. find themselves in prehistoric times this time. 120 stages, 6 locations, and almost 10 hours of gameplay. New and enhanced controls, as well as a tutorial. Choose a training level depending on your abilities and only complete the tutorials that are truly necessary. Completing unique objectives and earning trophies will make the game even more enjoyable. Griddlers are now simple and enjoyable to solve!





- A journey into the past! Gr-r-r-riddlers from the prehistoric era!

- 6 prehistoric eras and 6 locales! Ted and P.E.T. are taking you with them!

- 120 unique levels and over 10 hours of action.

- Special tasks and over 15 entertaining trophies.

- Comfortable controls and training mode.

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