Griddlers Legend of the Pirates

Everyone must pitch in!

Welcome to the age of piracy! Your crew has set off on an exciting adventure and meets a girl called Anne, the daughter of Captain Bluebeard, who tells you that there is a way to safely sail the seas without being attacked by sea monsters! You'll have to solve all the puzzles, shield yourself from wicked marine dwellers and get to all the buried treasure! Six pirate islands await you, as well as 120 new and unique griddlers! Over 10 hours of fun pirate music gameplay! Discover the amazing world of griddlers! Don't squander your time! Right now, you can live the life of a daring pirate!





- Relax while also training your brain!

- 120 one-of-a-kind griddler pirate puzzles!

- More than ten hours of gameplay with thrilling pirate music!

- A simple instruction!

- Updated game controls

- Pirate-themed gameplay

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