Gnumz – Masters of Defense

An enemy army has arrived!
Take command of the defense!

An mysterious substance, more valuable than gold and harder than steel, has been discovered in the depths of the dwarves' tunnels. This treasure, however, swiftly went sour... The Wicked King laid siege to the underground towns and forced their residents to give him their entire supply of the magnificent ore; anyone wishing to obtain the dwarfs' wealth must battle hundreds of sophisticated traps and powerful curses. Gnumz: Masters of Defense is a strategy game with classical fantasy elements. Its well created balance will appeal to both new and experienced players.





-Battle on 20 levels of the Iron Mountain

-Premium quality graphics

-Play with strategy or brute force!

-A brand-new fantasy world full of underground towns, mines, and catacombs!

-Demolish the Wicked King's vast army!

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70 MB

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