Gnumz 2 Arcane Power

The fight is gaining momentum!

The dwarven city is once again under attack. Hordes of adversaries stalk the ancient halls in search of mystical ore! But the mountain's rulers are preparing to defend themselves! The ingenious traps are set, and the magicians are salivating! Simply saying the word causes the opponent to fall! Gnumz 2: Arcane Power is the long-awaited successor to the popular strategy game Gnumz. Combine lethal traps with elemental arcane power, dig up treasures, and investigate technologies — send the invading army flying! Battle in the Crucible's scorching halls and the shadowy Shadow Frontier. Demonstrate to the entire world that dwarfs are not to be trifled with!





- Decide between precise calculations and brute force!

- 40 new levels with gorgeous graphics!

- Perilous foes and destructive spells!

- Countless lethal traps!

- Discover the Shadow Frontier's secrets!

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