Gnomes Garden – Return Of The Queen Collector’s Edition

Gnomes Garden Return of the Queen Collector's Edition- your devoted subjects require your assistance!

Who is that, dashing over the wild water aboard a ship? The Gnome Queen is on her way to the Harpy Kingdom with her faithful companions. However, you should remain vigilant because pirates may be lurking in these waters! After a lengthy artillery battle, the villains attacked and sank the ship. The Sea Overlord imprisoned the pals after they reached the depths. That stern monarch agreed to release the heroes only provided they met his requirements. Your devoted subjects are waiting for your assistance! On a fantastic new trip with the Queen and her friends, visit amazing locations such as the Undersea Kingdom, a Magic Monastery, and many more! The Gnomes Garden Return of the Queen Collector's Edition includes secrets, strange creatures, and enigmatic happenings. A variety of jobs, over 40 levels, an engaging tale, simple and enjoyable gameplay, and an intriguing universe await. Return of the Queen Collector's Edition of The Gnomes Garden





- Assist the Queen in rescuing her friends!

- Assist the Queen in rescuing her friends!

- Over 40 levels and a wide range of missions.

- Exciting gameplay for people of all ages.

- An easy introduction, growing difficulty, and a plethora of awards for professionals

- A cheery plot, colorful characters, and a fantastic magical universe

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