Gnomes Garden – Lost King Collector’s Edition

Gnomes Garden: The Lost King - fresh gnome princess adventures!

Our fairytale kingdom's princess grew up and married a long time ago. But one day, her darling husband went hunting and never returned. He vanished with his entire entourage. What happened to him? Gnomes Garden: The Lost King is an amazing casual fantasy strategy game that takes you on an expedition through a realm of mysteries and strange creatures. Settlers in peril? Has the farm ceased producing fruit? Puppies requesting an excessive amount of food? Tribes being attacked by trolls? Play Caesar and aid everyone by carefully managing resources and using an innovative strategy! A slew of adventures, over 40 levels, and four distinct worlds await you right now. Restore old structures, gather magical harvests, and carefully divide resources. All of this is necessary for success. Simple controls and a useful tutorial will help you quickly learn the game's fundamentals. If you find yourself in a bind, remember the princess's powerful magic! Gnomes Garden: The Lost King Return the King to Prosperity!





- A unique mystical universe. Using antique dovecotes, you may always stay in touch.

- An upbeat plot, vibrant comics, and engaging characters!

- A plethora of unique quests that the princess has never experienced before.

- New awards have been added.

- Over 40 distinct levels.

- Dangerous foes include cave trolls, angry hornets, and lambs.

- A range of settings and seasons, including autumn, a beach, a desert, and a swamp.

- Useful bonuses include the ability to speed up work, pause time, and run quickly.

- Simple controls and an informative instruction.

- Over 35 hours of fascinating gaming for players of all ages.

- Relaxing music with a pleasant vibe.

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