Gizmos Value Pack

With this value pack, you may join the Gizmos on three fantastic puzzle adventures!

In Gizmo Land, join your buddies Kurt, John, and Sid for three fantastic nonogram puzzle adventures! A collection of puzzles in a festive Christmas setting awaits you in Gizmos - Spirit of the Christmas! Determine what kinds of gifts to provide and other trinkets to give. Then, in Gizmos - Riddle of the Universe, a mysterious item crashed into Kurt the Mechanic's garage, revealing a coded message from a faraway planet. Help us solve this mystery! Finally, in Gizmos - Spooky Adventure, the citizens of Gizmo Land's Halloween celebration turns into a nightmare as a large number of ghosts appear. It's up to you and your Gizmo pals John, Sid, and Kurt to beat them and rescue the day.





- Exciting nonogram puzzles with grids up to 30 by 30!

- Difficult jigsaw mini-games-Awesome steampunk music and sound effects

- Join your Gizmo Friends John, Sid, and Kurt on difficult missions

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