Amazing Pyramids: Rebirth

In Amazing Pyramids Rebirth, take a crew of scientists on engrossing word quests!

Amazing Pyramids have returned! Amazing Pyramids is a famous word game set in a world of hot sands and ancient cities that was first released in 2010. The Amazing Pyramids have returned as a Rebirth project ten years later! The 2020 remake includes entirely new gameplay, fresh high-resolution graphics, colorful special effects, improved sound, and much more! In the Saharan desert, guide a squad of scientists through addictive word adventures! Use your wits and language to stay one step ahead and withstand the scorching sun.





- One-of-a-kind gameplay!

- No more speculative guessing! Every word has its own category!

- As many non-repeating Category&Word combinations as possible!

- A one-of-a-kind dictionary with over 120 word categories!

- New game modes: Manuscript, Shard, and Blitz!

- Awe-inspiring Egyptian music and sound effects!

- An intriguing plot set in four different places!

- Difficult jigsaw mini-games!

- Shiny rewards for completing extra tasks!

- Voice acting by professional performers!

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