Garden City – Collector’s Edition

Make an ancient manor into a park!
Collector's Edition of "In Garden City"

A distant relative has abandoned his manor to plant a garden. But he didn't leave anything to his second cousin twice removed? It is now time to restore justice. We were on our way to find riches! Are you up for the surprising obstacles that await the regretful gardener and his companions in Garden City, the thrilling casual strategy game? Are your new flowers starting to wilt? Is your fountain not yet open to the public? Is another heir threatening to seize your inheritance? Don't be concerned. Careful resource management and innovative ideas will assist you in solving any situation! A slew of tasks, over 40 levels in four distinct park styles ranging from classic to modern, all await you right now. To achieve success, restore ancient buildings construct new ones, and properly manage your workers and resources. The game's simple controls and informative tutorial will help you get started. With a little practice, your manor will be ranked among the top parks in the world! Garden City has transformed an old manor into a thriving park! A pleasant tale, with colorful comics, and vibrant characters!





- A plethora of diverse quests that the poor excuse for a gardener must tackle.

- Numerous prizes for the most dedicated managers.

- Over 40 distinct levels.

- Dangerous foes include hidden robbers, angry wasps, and... goats.

- A variety of park settings and styles, including classic, eastern, antique, and modern.

- Useful bonuses include the ability to speed up work, pause time, and run quickly.

- Simple controls and an easy-to-follow tutorial.

- Over 35 hours of fascinating gaming for players of all ages.

- Music with an upbeat theme.

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