Fill & Cross Pirates Riddles 3

Discover all of Pirate Island's mysteries with Fill & Cross Pirates Riddles 3!

Should I sail or not? What sort of inquiry is that? You can locate the pirate cache first, while others consider it! The mysteries of bygone eras are hidden somewhere, at the bottom of an enigmatic lake: a jewel that can grant youth, a cup that can grant eternal life with a single sip, and a lucky gold doubloon. If only you could arrive at the island before everyone else, this might all be yours! So go ahead, gather your crew, and get underway! It sounds like your voyage will be perilous, but again, they don't call you a brave captain for anything. Proceed now! Lift up the Merry Roger! Sea dog, fair breezes to you!





- 120 distinct levels and 6 locations
- Over 10 hours of gameplay with captivating pirate music
- Logic-based gameplay eliminates the need for guesswork
- New and enhanced controls

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