Fill and Cross: Pirates Riddles

Discover the pirate treasure by deciphering Old Captain Flint's riddles!

Matey, Arrr! With Fill and Cross Pirate Riddles, you may become a menace in the Caribbean! You will discover six distinct islands in this original griddler game and work through 120 entertaining and difficult puzzles. It's up to you to locate old Captain Flint's valuables over the course of more than 4 hours of gameplay, all set to upbeat pirate tunes! Raise the Jolly Roger, please! Sea dog, fair breezes to you!





  • Arrr! Proceed now! Locate the pirate's loot!
  • Over four hours of gameplay set to upbeat pirate tunes.
  • One hundred and sixty different puzzles with a pirate theme.
  • Awesome awards including Treasure Island,Jolly Roger, and  Terror of the Seas.
  • Travel safely, sea dog!
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