Fables of the Kingdom Premium Edition

Play the thrilling simulation game Fables of the Kingdom to save the Princess who has been abducted!

Uncover the Fables of the Kingdom Premium Edition and relish a thrilling virtual journey! A once-beautiful Kingdom lies in ruins as a result of the evil Sorcerer's invasion. He abducted the adored Princess and demolished all that stood in his way. The King invites a valiant young man to come to his daughter's aid. Can you aid this hero in completing his difficult quest? Play Fables of the Kingdom Premium Edition and save the princess! You can now skip intros in this enhanced version of the game. Moreover, multi-clicking is enabled.





- Set out on a thrilling quest to save the Princess from the evil Sorcerer
- Play a ton of difficult action/simulation levels and complete all tasks
- Manage resources, gather food, clear roads, assign workers, and more
- Complete many incredible challenges to earn all 25 fantastic achievements

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