Fables of the Kingdom II

The story continues with the sly sorcerer Balen and the valiant hero Kevin!

Go in pursuit of the enchanted armour, which is buried in the most remote reaches of the fairyland, with the courageous hero Kevin and his companions. Assist the heroes in overcoming every challenge so they can reclaim the armour and free King Artos from a dreadful curse. You will encounter the cunning sorcerer Balen in person and take in all the splendours of your own land. Build and enhance structures, employ potent spells, get past challenges, and get to know the peculiar people who live in the game's fantasy setting.





- Many intriguing chores, distinctive buildings, peculiar animals, and cunning enemies
- Stunning graphics and captivating music
- Managing resources, gathering food, clearing roads, assigning workers, and more!

- Start this amazing journey right now!

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