Eventide 3 – Legacy of Legends

Visit abandoned flying islands in the clouds to thwart a malevolent sorcerer and win a god's favor.

It will be up to you, Mary Gilbert, the renowned botanist and guardian of Fern Flower, to once again venture into the magical realm of eastern European deities, antiquated beliefs, and mythical lands when an apparently uneventful visit to your brother turns into a hotbed of conflict between humans and Clouders. Set out to the other side of the rainbow with your house spirit companion Aitvar. There, you will find your brother being held captive by a malevolent sorcerer and a flying city suspended above the clouds. Together, save him and revive the long-standing agreement between Clouders and humans. Will your cunning and resourcefulness be sufficient to defeat the evil Zmeys on the sorcerer's payroll and establish your value in the eyes of Perun, the thunder god? Can you save the planet before the ocean fills it with water?




- Overcome the malevolent sorcerer posing a threat to the entire planet!

- Uncover the history of the ancient Clouders by solving 40 puzzles!
- Use magical creatures to save your brother!

- Go to the trophy room and gather cards featuring deities!

- Take in the allure of thirty different flying island experiences!

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