Escape from Darkmoor Manor

Crack riddles, look for hints, and make your way out of a bizarre manor covered in fog!

Get ready to discover a strange manor house and the surrounding moors cloaked in fog. Crack the codes and look for hints to learn the manor's secrets and, in the end, make your way out of Darkmoor. Your eyes start to focus on your surroundings as you gradually come to. You wake up in a strange room by yourself, unable to recall how you got there. A little window with bars lets moonlight in, lighting the musty, stuffy air. How much time have you spent here? A wooden door with worn stone steps leads up to it. You grab its chilly metal handle and turn it, but it's locked from the other side. Are you a prisoner? Can you get away?





- Complicated riddles

- Ominous ambience

- Deadly score

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