Elven Legend

Take down the witch who has the lords of the Elven Kingdom in her grasp!

You have journeyed across the globe, passing by the ruins of the Elven Kingdom. The royal family is currently being held captive by a wicked witch who has vanished into the ominous North. Princess Aerin, the daughter of the monarch, has begged for your assistance in reestablishing the Kingdom and rescuing her parents from the wicked witch's hold. You consent to assist the princess and embark on this journey beside her. You will encounter terrifying animals, eerie monsters, and enchanted scenery throughout the route. Along with making new friends, you'll aid Aerin in gathering the courage to drive the witch from the Elven Kingdom!





-A combination of the greatest strategy and time-management games plus the utilization of changeable objects

-A breathtaking fantasy ambiance

-Repair structures, revitalize trees, and employ special tools for special jobs.

-Interesting locals who reside in five distinct areas, including forests, icy lands, and mountains

-Heavy but enjoyable gameplay

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