Elven Legend 6 Collector’s Edition

In Elven Legend 6, a Queen and her husband must now restore the throne after a fresh calamity.

After setting out to resolve the issue in the forest, Queen Aerin and her spouse discovered that it was all a part of a demonic scheme to take the throne and subjugate the elven kin. Savour this blend of the greatest strategy and time-management games, all set in a fantastical fantasy setting. Utilize sorcery, crafting, and numerous bonuses to add variety to the gameplay as the heroes travel to different places and encounter diverse racial and tribal groups. Overall, it offers a demanding gaming experience that is really enjoyable.





- Ten thrilling bonus levels!

- A thorough walkthrough of every game level.

- Gorgeous concept art and wallpaper

- The trophy room contains two different kinds of collectable items.

- Start the Collector's Edition of Elven Legend 6: The Treacherous Trick.

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