Elly’s Cake Cafe

The sweetest match-3 puzzle ever!

Making the world's greatest bakeries with her friend Monty. Still, no one is aware of it! Now that they have a mobile cafe of their own, our heroes are eager to go out on their quest.


Join the hilarious candy girl Elly and her raccoon buddy Monty for an incredible trip. Make new acquaintances, discover the best recipes, and spoil the guests with the tastiest candies. You may expect hilarious characters, delicious chips, ninety freshly prepared levels, enjoyable jobs, and amazing experiences! Explore delicious levels with Elly. Match cakes in uncooked to finish orders. To create super cakes with super-effects, match additional cakes!





- Ninety freshly baked levels!

- Complete all of your customers' requests and solve problems.

- Combine candies to receive delectable bonuses!

- Fun times abound with explosive bonuses!

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