Eco Mahjong

Assist the Walker family in preventing an ecocatastrophe in Greenville!

Greenville, a once beautiful and prosperous town, is currently on the verge of an ecological disaster. The Walkers, an animal family of travellers who are well-known to all viewers of the Travel Mosaic series, are unable to let the town become a desert! They rush to Greenville and discover it shrouded in a strong haze and smog. Fish and birds have disappeared, and industrial trash has contaminated the nearby river. The environmental pollution caused by Extracting Company Evil, Inc. is the cause of the calamity. You will plant flowers, trees, and bushes, replenish the pond with fish and crawfish, and restore the soil and water using Walkers! On your way, the ruthless Boss of Evil, Inc. will strive to stop contaminating the community! Will you be brave enough to confront him and preserve the natural environment of Greenville? EcoMahjong is an engaging, vibrant game suitable for players of all ages. A complex story, endearing characters, surprising turns of events, and a ton of fun are just a few of the things Greenville has in store for you!





  • Gorgeous visuals and soundtrack
  • The ideal method to pass the time for problem solvers and lovers of the outdoors
  • 70 mahjong puzzles with an additional 14 HOGs
  • Favorite personalities and humorous exchanges
  • Your opportunity to protect the environment and observe how your efforts affect the entire town
  • An intriguing story with a surprising conclusion
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