Easter Riddles

The ultimate Easter present!
120 distinct swindlers!

With the new Easter Riddles, enjoy Easter and springtime! Every griddler is a conundrum unto itself. When you solve them all, you'll discover that they conceal Easter eggs, as well as lovely flowers, springtime motifs, entertaining creatures, Easter foods and sweets, and festive decorations. All of the stuff is waiting for you in Easter-themed puzzles. Installing this fun game will give you the gift of a peaceful and comfortable evening.





-120 distinct stages and 6 places

-Playing for over 12 hours while listening to soothing music

-Logical gameplay exclusively, eliminating the need for guesswork

-Updated and enhanced controls-Enhanced instruction.

-Based on your skill level, select a training level.

-Characters in the style of a scrapbook

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40 MB

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