DreamWalker: Never Fall Asleep

Go into Drowsy Valley and explore the dream realms to unravel a terrifying enigma!

Enter Drowsy Valley, a little rural tourist village located in the Alps of Austria. A place which bustles with life throughout summer and depopulates during winter. However, this plain and occasionally dismal city harbours a mystery. The people of Drowsy Valley suffer from terrible sleep disorders and terrifying nightmares. The local physician are powerless against this disease and when a young girl named Sandra, the daughter of city’s mayor, falls into a coma the head of the city decides to solicit the aid of a professional psychiatrist. Rumor has it that she is a Dreamwalker, someone with the extraordinary capacity to enter and navigate people's subconscious thoughts. Immerse yourself in the enigma of Drowsy Valley by putting yourself in the shoes of the paranormal psychiatrist. Explore your patients' subconsciouses, assume the role of a psychological detective, distinguish between the actual and the imagined, and solve the enigma surrounding the condition of the mayor's daughter and the citizen. Will you have the courage to explore the shadowy corners of a person's psyche where dark secrets lurk?




- Discover dark secrets tucked away in the human psyche
- Immerse yourself in the world through 32 detailed locations
- Learn the history behind Drowsy Valley through compelling characters
- Stretch your imagination and ingenuity with abstract dream puzzles
- Discover dark secrets tucked away in the human psyche

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