Doodle God Solitaire

Now all the power to create is in your hands in Doodle God Solitaire!

When you unlock all 12 divine components, you can see civilization rise right in front of your eyes! Begin from the most basic microbes and progress to produce huge armies, machines, and creatures! Take pleasure in a novel take on classic solitaire with the ability to accumulate pairs of cards! If you locate pairs fast, your reward is increased by a special multiplier. To keep the level running, purchase the joker, shuffle, and mulligan bonuses with your prizes! For fans of both traditional solitaire and solitaire with unique rules, Doodle God Solitaire offers a lengthy trip filled with creativity, delight, and creative torture.





- 120 replayable levels

- A ton of achievements and trophies to earn!

- Play solitaire like never before with awards that can be used to buy power-ups.

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