DayD Through Time Collector’s Edition

Heard monster legends? It's their last day here on Earth today.
Every dinosaur faces extinction!

Brian is an amazing scientist (some might even say eccentric!) who has grown up hearing tales of dragons from the prehistoric past. He thought he would encounter a real dragon eventually. Brian created a time machine that propelled him into Jurassic Park to witness the presence of war dragons! The vicious Doctor Austin Awful, his old friend, the dinosaur hunter, is already waiting for him, so forget about taking a leisurely stroll through the land of dinosaurs! Before Brian, he created his own time machine, and he's already run amok once! Nothing but trouble is produced by Doctor Horrible Dino Hunter. When it comes to helping you, the good dinosaur Helen will gladly remove turf, build a lighthouse, and a sea bunker, assist in creating a themed park, fetch you an artefact, and obey orders. You can use super-equipment (and even make pitchforks!) to counter fraudsters who try to take your land. We're confident you'll be successful before the harvest. Travel back in time to a time before pharaohs, fairies, tribes, brownies, dwarfs, and orcs existed. No magical city or other worlds will be visible to you. If you don't save them, it will only be the last day of the dinosaurs. Helping others is your mission, if you accept it. It doesn't seem like you're afraid of a little Godzilla. This game isn't about hunting! This zoo tycoon and construction games! In an intriguing mystery-solving and, of course, time-travelling adventure, Brian stops Doctor Awful. This thrilling science fiction adventure thrill ride has all that and more in store! Discover 50 distinct stages, an abundance of varied goals, incredibly cool environments, a dragon city, and an entertaining storyline right now. Build buildings, train dinosaurs, hunt for the scape, manage resources, tend a garden, and construct other amazing constructions dragon mania legends will unfold before you. You'll be up and running in no time thanks to the easy controls and seamless gameplay. However, the Help menu is always available if something is still unclear to you.





- Jurassic World: The Game: A Unique World with Elements of the Past and Future
- A humorous plot with intriguing characters that reads like a comic book
- A ton of different objectives
- Learn about various carnivores and dinosaurs, such as triceratopses, t-rexes, and pterodactyls, among others.
- There are a variety of locations, parks, green farms, islands of adventure, and stunning scenery.
- Important bonuses include quick build, accelerated run, and slow down time.
- Simple controls and an understandable explanation.
- This game is like a museum dedicated to the world of animals.
- This is the historical homeland!
- A unique musical selection

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