Dangerous Solitaire – Zombie Fever

Defeat every zombie and win all the patience games!
In the dangerous game Zombie Fever

The entire city is overrun with zombies! They're already practically everywhere. Dare them to assist a courageous couple in getting out of this city. Investigate several areas and uncover this bizarre place's mysteries! Finish jobs, figure out the zombies' puzzle, and rescue the city. With plenty of intricate card patterns, you can embark on an amazing journey! You can accomplish that, but it will take some work!





- Demonstrate yourself by trying your hardest to finish every level!
- Play the card game solitaire and build card chains!
- Excitement abounds at every second thanks to these levels!
- With its lively visuals and captivating pirate music, this solitaire is a winner!
- Jokers allow you to discard cards more quickly while also raising the combination multiplier to maximize your coin earnings!
- Allow the enjoyment to take over!

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