Crown Of The Empire – Collector’s Edition

Exciting times ahead! The queen needs your assistance in locating the lost crown!
In The Empire's Crown: CE

Elena's existence, as Her Majesty's first lady-in-waiting, is more about court intrigue, secret service, and dangerous clandestine operations for the Empire's benefit than it is about balls, corsets, and fancy hats. Elena's recent job, for instance, involved the safe recovery of stolen antiquated artefacts. The earliest emperors of the empire's namesakes had been taken by an unidentified robber who had looted the national museum and fled. A group of investigators discovered a track that crossed the border, but it quickly vanished. The Queen called Elena to her. She uttered the words, The stolen items are of paramount value to the empire and crown, in an uncertain voice. I understand, your Majesty, Elena replied, we mustn't lose them. Elena soon found herself on a top-secret covert mission of vital importance to the Crown. In the end, Elena and the detective team tracked down the artifact thief and were just waiting for the judge to sign the arrest warrant, when an urgent telegram came in from the Prime Minister with orders to meet that very night. She had no choice but to return home that very instant and put her operation on hold. What was it that happened in the palace that forced her to abandon her job and return immediately? Join Elena on an unforgettable adventure through an alternate Victorian world across the endless Emperor Desert Valley, the green banks of the Nile, a volcanic island, and more! Will good conquer evil? Can Elena return to the Crown of the Empire?





  • A unique alternate world full of wondrous machines and mysterious creations!
  • An intriguing plot full of mystical twists and covert secrets
  • Vibrant graphics and fun animation.
  • Enjoy more than 40 exciting levels in 4 different locations.
  • 3 difficulty levels. - Helpful bonuses: work accelerators, production accelerators, and movement accelerators.
  • Simple gameplay and easy-to-understand instructions.
  • More than 20 hours of exciting gameplay for any age.
  • Fun in-game music. The Crown of the Empire: help find the stolen crown!
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