Cooking Trip New Challenge – Collector’s Edition

Don't let them Win -  In Cooking Trip New Challenge, put an end to their plans to take away your eatery

As usual, Mary and John were serving their patrons with grace when they were abruptly confronted by Gerald Fitzgerald, the ruthless owner of the well-known restaurant chain, who was purchasing all potential enterprises for his portfolio. However, our characters refuse to sell their restaurant, even when faced with the possibility that pressure from criticism may force them to close their doors permanently. They are embarking on an exciting adventure to advance their skills by working with renowned chefs! Show why you should be the restaurant's owner!





- Assist the characters in preserving their eatery!

- More than 60 levels and a wide variety of tasks.

- Entertaining gaming for all ages.

- Easy lesson with progressively harder levels

- Four distinct eateries in various locations!

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