Cooking Trip 2 – Collector’s Edition

Traveling for food like never before!
Cooking Trip 2: Returning to the Road

)Ascend to new heights! Mary and John choose to compete in the Best Chef competition for new restaurant owners after realizing their ambition of owning their own eatery. However, they were surprised by how tough the competition was. With a renewed sense of purpose and determination, the two set out on a new journey to uncover top culinary secrets. What lies ahead for them now? Prove to the world how great you are! Anticipate enjoyable locales, diverse difficulty levels, an abundance of personalities and dishes, extra assignments, the capacity to enhance and expand your eatery, numerous awards, user-friendly gameplay suitable for players of all ages, lively soundtrack, and an engaging storyline. Cooking Trip: Back on the Road: Uncover new cooking techniques and outshine the opposition!





- Three distinct eateries: Germany, France, and America, each with a specific cuisine of their own

- 60 thrilling stages with differing degrees of difficulty

- Over ten distinct character sets

- Numerous bonus assignments

- Improve your eateries and heroes

- Simple gameplay suitable for all age groups

- Upbeat music

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