Clutter Puzzle Magazine Vol. 15 – #1

Solve 1700+ puzzles with the most complex Clutter yet with Clutter Puzzle Magazine Vol 15 - #1

The Quest, with myriad fresh takes on beloved Clutter classics, is an experience that will linger in memory. The spotlight shines on the previously unreleased, infinitely replayable Spot the Differences puzzles, a feature most thrilling. These puzzles, akin to standard Clutter levels, possess a captivating allure.

Box quotes, square jigsaw puzzles, and sliders are also in the mix. Not to forget, the return of the Super-Thin Sliders with Auto-Save, a feature eagerly awaited. As always, customization options abound, shaping your Clutter journey. Additionally, the Favorites feature enables the accumulation of preferred challenges for repeated enjoyment.



  • Various new gameplay modes and fresh object sets
  • Over 1700 levels, encompassing an exceptionally challenging 100-level Main Quest
  • A delightfully simple No-Motion Vintage Quest
  • The recently unleashed, deeply engrossing Spot the Difference Puzzle


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