Christmas Patchwork – Frozen

Assist the Frozen Queen in assembling 120 patchwork mosaics with a Christmas theme!

Patchwork, Christmas, and the Land of Frozen! The year's most wonderful night. It is approaching TODAY! You have a one-of-a-kind chance to experience the magic of a truly memorable Christmas night! With Christmas Patchwork, begin your thrilling journey. Frosted! Can the enchanted amulet be restored by the legendary Queen of the Frozen Country? Will Christmas arrive before the magic has a chance to work? Or will the frigid heart stay that way forever? Learn more! Explore a wonderland inspired by Frozen Christmas and solve every problem.





- 120 distinct mosaic patchworks.

- Six sites, six distinct materials.

- Frozen Kingdom characters and storyline.

- Christmas-themed environment.

- Exclusive missions and awards only for true experts.

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