Chase for Adventure 4: The Mysterious Bracelet CE

Join Ann and Jim as they venture into the unknown in an effort to put an end to a threat to society.

Ann receives a request from a covert group to examine an old bracelet. The bracelet turns out to be an extremely intricate gadget, with a history that connects it to the enigmatic Town-in-Clouds, a technological menace to humanity. Savor a time-management technique based on a story that takes place in the previous century. Ann, a young adventurer and archaeologist, and her husband Jim set out to locate a mysterious Sky Town and stop its menace to humanity.





- A blend of the top strategy and time-management games

- A treasure-filled and adventurous atmosphere

- Mining, crafting, and several perks to add variety to the gameplay

- Difficult levels; each one calls for a customized strategy to handle

- A dynamic setting, intense gameplay, and a variety of objectives

- Item collections

- Comprehensive instruction

- Amazing legends regarding Romanian vampires

- An unexpected conclusion and an ancient organization of vampire hunters

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