Asian Riddles 3

From Asia, with affection!
For fans of griddlers, 180 different riddles!

The great hero previously demonstrated his mastery. Can he, however, replicate his actions? There are even more ancient problems in the continuation of Asian Riddles - 180 unique griddlers! 180 different griddlers, 12 different locations, and over 15 hours of gameplay. Controls have been updated and improved. Relaxing Eastern music, high-quality images, and a wonderfully fascinating Asian ambiance. This game is essential for people who want to spend time away from the hustle and bustle and in peace and quiet! Solve all the griddlers to show that the great master has no equal!





-A whole new griddlers game

-180 distinct levels and 12 distinct locations

-More than 15 hours of action with soothing music

-New and enhanced controls-Unique Asian art style

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20 MB

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