Argonauts Pandora Box Collector’s Edition

Argonaut Agency: The Pandora's Box has opened and havoc has ensued!
Apocalypse can only be stopped by you!

The Argonaut Agency's serenity was broken one clear sunny morning. A well-known collector arrived unexpectedly, trailed by turmoil. He requested assistance in resolving a problem with one of his antiques. Pelias, it turned out, had unintentionally opened Pandora's Box in his storage. Pelias was being followed by all the world's trouble and calamity as a true cataclysm formed over his dwelling and gained speed. Something had to be done right now regarding Pandora's Box! Join the Argonauts and help them open Pandora's Box!





- Close the Pandora's Box!

- 60 exciting and different levels!

- Gather resources, conquer challenges, and perform enjoyable activities!

- Visit every island!

- Take on mountain summits!

- Discover mysterious caves!

- Explore the desert's treasures!

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140 MB

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