Argonauts Golden Fleece Collector’s Edition

Resolve the Golden Fleece's disappearance case!

A dishevelled and frazzled man unexpectedly flew through the front door one clear beautiful morning as Jason, the head of the Argonauts Agency, sat in his office. He was so upset that it was difficult to understand what the man was saying at first. When he eventually calmed down, the stranger told him what had transpired the night before in his mansion. He was an antique artefact collector, and he had just discovered this morning that the Golden Fleece had been taken from his storeroom. And his niece had gone missing as well! Without missing a beat, the Argonauts Agency was on the case of this most unusual occurrence. Lead the investigating team and assist the Argonauts in solving the mystery of the stolen Golden Fleece!





- Dozens of enjoyable levels

- A fast-paced plot with rich comics and memorable characters

- A plethora of tasks

- Addicting gameplay

- Vibrant graphics

- Pleasant music

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