Argonauts Glove of Midas – Collector’s Edition

Take up arms with the Argonauts and lend Pelias the Midas glove!
Argonauts Agency: Midas's Glove, CE

Pelias the collector asked his old friends Jason and Medea to deliver a box to him one morning. The gift contained the fabled Midas glove. According to legend, it bestows mystical powers on the wearer. Pelias wanted to improve it somewhat and conducted an experiment. What do you think will happen? Help Pelias with the Midas glove by joining the Argonauts!





- Beautiful locales

- An uplifting tale with comics of your favorite characters

- A slew of interesting quests

- Exciting gameplay

- High-quality visuals

- Relaxing music

-  Collector's version includes a bonus campaign and soundtrack

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Release Date
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225 MB

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